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Q. Why is my furnace blowing cold air?

A. There are numerous reasons why your furnace could be blowing only cold air. Here are a few simple things you can check before you spend money unnecessarily on a technician. If the problem does not resolve itself please call the professionals of Cleveland Air Conditioning, Inc.

a. The "fan" switch should ALWAYS remain in the "on" position. Make sure the fan has not been turned "off"
b. Be sure to check the pilot to ensure it did not get blown out.
c. Make sure the thermostat is not in the "cool" position.

After all of the above have been checked and you are still not getting any warm air blowing, Cleveland Air Conditioning Inc. will happily be at your service. With just a phone call you will soon have warm air again.

Q. How often should my heating and cooling system have a routine check up and cleaning?

A. The best efficiency results usual come from a preventative maintenance plan of at least on a yearly basis.

Q. How often should I clean my filters to ensure that I am receiving the highest level of efficiency possible?

A. The experts of Cleveland Air Conditioning highly recommend checking all of your filters at a minimum of once a month. A changing routine could fluctuate depending on the amount of usage for the system.

Q. Should the presence of Carbon Monoxide in my home be a concern of mine?

A. ABSOLUTELY! According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC, every year carbon monoxide kills over 300 Americans and at least 5000 are treated in local emergency rooms. One may ask, where do the poisonous gases come from to begin with? When the combustion of fuel is incomplete, carbon monoxide infects the air, presenting toxic gases that may be the difference between life and death. A very obvious symptom of carbon monoxide poisoning would be if you or a family member awakes in the middle of the night with an unexplainable headache and may have been difficult to arouse to begin with. If so, get out of the house immediately and seek medical attention then call the professionals of Cleveland Air Conditioning and we will gladly be at your service.
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Q. Should my thermostat be set to an "Auto" or "On" position?

A. To achieve the best possible efficiency results, your thermostat should always remain in the "Auto" position.

Q. I live in the Fort Worth metroplex. Do you service my area?

A. At Cleveland Air Conditioning Inc. we have earned a well-respected name for ourselves throughout the Fort Worth metroplex. Including the cities of Arlington, Bedford, Collleyville, Dallas, Euless, Fort Worth, Grand Prarie, Grapevine, Haltom City, HEB, Hurst, Keller, Mansfield, Mid-Cities, North Richland Hills, Richland Hills, and Watauga we will gladly be at your service. If you have any questions regarding your address please do not hesitate to call us at 817-714-1874.

Q. Do you have any financing options available?

A. ABSOLUTELY! At Cleveland Air Conditioning Inc. though we take great pride in ALWAYS remaining competitively priced for our industry, we also realize the great financial expense of a new air conditioning or heating system, with that we have established an excellent relationship with American General Financial Services. For your convenience you may apply for credit from this site. If we can be of any assistance please fell free to call us at 817-714-1874.

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Q. Energy cost is outrageous during the winter months. Do you have any suggestions for which I can lower my overall expense?

A. Yes. There are numerous things you can do to help lower your energy bills but here are just a few. We hope they are beneficial!

To begin with, limit the loss of expensive heated air to the outside!

a. Be sure to use kitchen, bath and all other ventilating fans sparingly.
b. Always make sure that your fireplace dampers tightly closed except when in use!
c. Make sure that all windows and doors have been properly weatherized by caulking or weather-stripping.
d. During the daytime hours lower the temperature to 65 degrees and in the evening hours the thermostat should be at 60 degrees. For each degree it is lowered you should see a savings of approximately three- percent.
e. Avoid heating unused areas by closing off unoccupied rooms and shutting off heating vents. Note: this does not apply if you have a heat pump system. Leave it alone, as shutting vents could harm a heat pump. Keep your heating equipment operating efficiently.
f. Clean or replace the filter in your forced air heating system each month, and check the ductwork that is readily accessible for air leaks about once a year.
g. Be sure that heating ducts in unheated areas are insulated.
h.Keep the heating system well tuned with periodic maintenance by a professional service.
i. Insulate your attic floors or tops floor ceiling to reduce winter heat loss.
j. Consider installing storm windows and doors. If you have an attached garage, keep your garage door closed. This will prevent cold winds from infiltrating the connecting door and other areas between the house and garage.

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Q. I have heard of the terms SEER and HSPF. What do they mean and how do they affect me?

A. SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio refers to the measure of efficiency by which the cooling process of air conditioners and heat pumps are rated. For example, the higher the SEER number the greater the efficiency, meaning greater savings to you in the long run. In 1992 the government set forth a measure of standard which stated that a minimum SEER rating must be at 13.0. In able to qualify as a "high- efficiency" system your air conditioning units should be from 13.0-20.0 SEER. HSPF or Heating Seasonal Performance Factor refers to the efficiency measurement used to gauge the efficiency of the heating mode of heat pumps. Once again, the higher the number the greater the efficiency, conclusively again saving you money! A state of the art system should have a HSPF of 7.7. If you have any questions regarding your system please do not hesitate to call us at 817-714-1874.

Q. How exactly does an air conditioning work properly cool my home?

A. An air conditioning system actually has two parts which partner together to effectively work together. The outdoor unit contains the liquid refrigerant and the indoor coil is where the refrigerant is distributed. As air transports itself across the coil the refrigerant removes the heat from the air thus allowing the air conditioner to cool the room and dehumidify the air.

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